SLE4442 Card Encoder developed for Windmill Computing

We have recently developed some software used to encode Infineon SLE4442 contact smart cards as part of a large bureau job. Windmill Computing had taken on a customer that needed a means of printing and encoding hundreds of thousands of smart cards. The software we developed consists of two components:

  • A converter program: This takes a file with the raw card data, and creates a file in a suitable format for importing into the card database.
  • An encoding extension: This performs the steps required to encode the card. Firstly the card is moved to the coupler. Secondly the card is encode. Thirdly the card is moved out of the coupler so that it is ready to be printed.

The encoding extension is an extension DLL for Windmill Computing’s vivID Card software. This brings together the card design, database records and image files to manage the printing of the cards.