About us

GM-RAM Limited is a private limited company (no. 6166178) based in South East England. It was founded by James Mansson, the current Managing Director, in 2007.

The company is focused on creating computer software for its various clients. We have a great deal of in house experience in developing software for PCs, from the early days of DOS to the latest versions of Windows. We also have a great deal of experience in developing client-server software, from old fashioned terminal emulators to modern websites and web applications.

We have worked in a wide range of fields, but a particular area of expertise is ID card systems. We have worked on systems to perform advancing printing and encoding of ID cards. We have also worked on systems to read/write smart cards, especially proximity cards. Our main partner in our work on ID card systems has been Windmill Computing Limited.

We also have a keen interest in data visualisation and analysis. We are particularly keen to promote the proper use of data visualisation in order to present data in a meaningful way.

You can find examples of this work on this site under the appropriate categories (Software, Websites, ID Card Systems).