Worked on Making OneLife iD Responsive

The team at OneLife iD decided that they wished to make their website more responsive to the device on which it was being viewed. To this end we started a process to convert the site to a more responsive approach. The first step was a switch over to using the popular Bootstrap framework, which has out of the box support for responsive styling of web pages. The next was to work in conjunction with Pull to implement further refinements of this approach. In particular we aimed for a less regid layout than the standard Bootstrap grid layout. These changes were introduced gradually over the course of the last year.

Added Club Member Tags to OneLife iD Website

We assisted Onclub-member-id-tagseLife iD in adding their latest product, club member iD tags, to their website. This product is a variant of their MiniTag iD aimed at members of clubs. The design of the tag is specified by the club, and as these can then be purchased by members.

We created a modified form of the MiniTag iD product builder to allow for the options specific to the new product. This included a new version of the colour and pattern selector, which we also applied to the MiniTag iD builder.

Integrated OneLife iD Website with Braintree Payment System

Braintree_logo_smallWe recently assisted OneLife iD in integrating their website with the Braintree payment system. This system provides both a merchant account and payment gateway. One interesting feature is that it provides a mechanism for encrypting sensitive data in the browser prior to submission to the web server, which allows for secure payments even over HTTP. In the case of OneLife iD, the site is already using HTTPS, following its recent migration to a new server, but such additional security is welcome in any case.

Postage and Packing Support Added to OneLife iD Website

We recently extended the OneLife iD online shop by adding support for Postage & Packing rates based on the total value of the order and the destination country.

The basic requirements were:

  • There should be three categories of destination: UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.
  • There should be three price bands: Orders up to £30, Orders over £30 and Orders over £75.
  • It should be possible to configure the rates for each destination category/price band easily.
  • The destination category should be determined by the customer’s choice of country at the checkout.
  • The price rates should be displayed by a dialog that pops up when the customer clicks on appropriate links.
  • The Postage & Packing should be indicated clearly on screen and in e-mails to the customer.

We were able to deliver a solution that met the above criteria and successfully deploy it live. The main challenge was staging the transition from the old system to the new, which we managed without dropping any orders.

Product Suggestions Presentation Improved on OneLife iD Website

OneLife iD product suggestionsA common feature of e-commerce websites is a block on the page making product suggestions to the visitor. Recently, we have worked on improving the presentation of these suggestions on the OneLife iD website. Previously there was a static block of three products. We changed this to use a JavaScript-based scrolling area to allow more than three products to be presented. This cycles automatically through the products, displaying three at one time. There are scroll buttons which allow the user to cycle through the products manually.